Tips for those with hearing loss, and for those communicating with them:

Communication Strategies from Better Hearing Institute. "When someone in the family has a hearing loss, the entire family has a hearing problem." A step-by-step guide for communication strategies, with specific tasks for both the listener ("use positive words when you need help from your communication partner, such as 'could you please speak a bit louder?' instead of 'you're going to have to speak louder if you want me to understand you')", and the communication partner ("when the listener with a hearing loss asks you to say something a little bit louder, take it as a compliment! It means she really wants to understand what you are talking about"). Read more here:
Communication Handbook - Frustrated by Hearing Loss? This workbook has been an exceptionally successful tool in our clinic, as our patients apply the strategies they find most helpful as part of a greater aural rehabilitation program. - we have copies of this available for sale ($20) at both clinics for those who are interested. Both Waikanae and Raumati Beach clinics have 2 copies for short-term lending. Please ask. 
Communicating with people with hearing loss - University of California San Francisco Medical Centre. Provides a list for those wanting to communicate successfully with someone who has hearing impairment. Reminds us, that "everyone, especially the hard-of-hearing, has a harder time hearing and understanding when ill or tired." people_with_hearing_loss/

Communication Tips from Action on Hearing Loss (UK). This site provides tips for hearing people, for making communication with a person who has hearing impairment straightforward for both of you. Includes such gems as, "If someone doesn't understand what you've said, don't keep repeating it. Try saying it in a different way instead."